Solar Power Systems

Solar Power Systems

At we've tried to simplify solar for you by assembling a variety of complete solar power systems to meet your grid-tied, off-grid, RV/Marine and other mobile or remote power needs. No matter your price-point, these solar panel power systems only include high-quality products, from solar manufacturers you can trust. These systems are a great starting point, and we strive to make sure our customers get the right equipment they need. With the 2016 renewal of the Federal Tax Credit and many other state and utility incentives available, this is a great time to invest in solar. To get started, see below for the different types of complete solar power systems that we offer.

Grid-Tied (a/k/a “grid interconnected”) solar systems are the most common and simple types of solar electric systems homeowners install. These complete solar power systems are connected to the utility grid and generate electricity while the sun is shining and the grid is running. If the system produces more energy than your home uses, then the system sends (sells) the excess energy back to the grid, which would offset any electricity you buy from the utility at night.* If you consume more energy than your system is able to generate, then the utility would supply your additional energy demand as usual. Grid-tied solar panel power systems are great for reducing your energy bill. But they don't help you if you have a utility power outage. The solar panels still work, but the system automatically shuts down energy production to prevent injury to utility workers repairing the grid. If you live in an area with a lot of black-outs, a battery backup system or generator may be good options to consider. Battery-backup solar systems are specially designed to power selected important loads in your home (like the refrigerator & freezer) by switching to battery power when the grid goes down. While these work well, they are significantly more complex, include more equipment and higher in price than traditional grid-tie arrays. The batteries also need to be serviced and replaced periodically. If power outages are rare, but you would still like some sort of backup, a generator or a separate small solar backup system may be the most cost effective option. Our Grid-Tie packages (GTXL, GTSE, GTE, GTAC, and GT) use only the highest quality parts from leading manufacturers. The GT series packages are set up for roof-mounted installation, so it is important that your roof face south (or approximately south) with minimal shade to generate its maximum energy potential. If shade or roof orientation are problems, we can work with you on exploring available ground mounting options. Click Here or on the picture to the left to view these packages.

Not sure what size system you will need, or what kind of costs to expect? Try this solar estimator, this free and easy to use tool will help you assess your array size, and will provide you with financial information including incentive information, power generation and payback info on solar panel power systems. To use the estimator, click the button to the right.
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*Check with your utility company.

Off-Grid solar panel power systems are excellent for homes or sites with no utility power available. Because you wouldn't have the Grid as a fall-back, it's important to look at how much energy you use for each “load” (how much energy a particular use consumes—like the refrigerator). It is very important to know your total energy demand in order to size the battery bank and solar panel array correctly. And looking at each load can help you determine ways to reduce or eliminate certain loads (like replacing incandescent lights with LED for example). It's always best to optimize energy efficiency first before sizing your off-grid solar system. Off-Grid complete solar power systems are also eligible for the same Federal tax credit incentive as Grid-Tied systems. Click Here or on the picture to the left to view these solar panel power systems.
Our mobile solar panel power systems are geared towards our RV and marine customers who seek to minimize use of noisy generators for their remote power needs. Our complete solar power systems are designed to charge a smaller set of batteries, and so these systems are typically fairly small, usually using less than four solar panels. Because these complete solar power systems are often "on the move", we offer adjustable tilt mounting options for each package. Click Here or on the picture to the left to view these packages.