Grid-Tie Solar Package With Expansion Capability!

GTe 855W

GTe 855W
The GTe 855 W package is our smallest grid tie kit, great for a small home or for anyone interested in solar who would like to start small and expand their array over time. Enphase Micro-Inverters allow a homeowner to not only use different brands of panels in the same array, but also different power outputs.

This package includes three high quality US made SolarWorld 285 W solar panels, Snap N Rack mounting hardware for one row of 3 panels in portrait orientation for a composition shingle roof, and all necessary Enphase Micro-Inverter components.

For more information regarding package components, click the individual item link below.

Please Note: We are happy to reconfigure this or any other package in order to accommodate your particular needs including alternate mounting, or module changes. Just e-mail us or give us a call!

GTe 855W Specs and Features:
  • Estimated monthly production = 102-128 kWh
  • Snap N Rack mounting system is easy to install, and provides great aesthetics due to no rail overhang, small inter module gaps.
  • Real time free web based system monitoring through Enphase Enlgihten Monitoring service
  • Solar panels carry linear 25 year warranty
  • SolarWorld solar panels are Made in the USA
  • This system also available with black panels and racking, call for details!

  • GTe 855W Includes:

    Qty.Part Num.Item
    (3)SOLW-01063Solarworld SW 285 MONO 33mm frame
    (3)ENPH-00962Enphase M250-60-2LL-S22 MC4
    (3)ENPH-00113Enphase Engage 240V Portrait Cable
    (1)ENPH-00423Enphase Envoy Communications Gateway ENV-120
    (1)ENPH-00652Enphase Engage Branch Terminator
    (1)ENPH-00807Enphase Disconnect Tool
    (1)ENPH-00014Enphase Micro Inverter Engage Cable Clip 10 Pack
    (1)DRLE-00763Square D QO200TR 60A AC Disconnect Switch
    (1)AAEN-00172SnapNrack 122 Inch Rail Clear Finish 2PC
    (6)AAEN-01023SnapNrack Bonding L Foot w Flashing Kit Clear
    (6)AAEN-00171Hex Head Lag Bolt SS 5 16 3.5 in with Washer
    (3)AAEN-00310Snap N Rack Micro Inverter - Optimizer Attachment
    (4)AAEN-01012SnapNrack Bonding Mid Clamp 1.20 - 1.48 in Clear
    (4)AAEN-01021SnapNrack Bonding Universal End Clamp
    (4)AAEN-00687SnapNrack Black Rail End Cap
    (2)AAEN-00686SnapNrack Snap-in Ground Lug Assembly 6-12 AWG

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    Additional Information:

    Note: This is a grid-interactive system which does not store energy with a battery bank. When the grid is down (power from the utility), this system will not produce energy back to the grid or home. Grid-tie with battery backup can be accomplished with different types of inverters, or set up as an AC coupled system. Alternatively, our SPS Packages using SMA inverters with Secure Power Supply will provide daytime power without batteries during a grid outage.