GTe 1.8 Grid Tie Package 1800 W Solar Panel Kit

GTe 1.8 Grid Tie Package 1800 W Solar Panel Kit

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The GTe 1.8 is a 1800 W Grid-Tie solar kit. This package uses top quality components from the industries leading manufacturers.

Solar Panels:Six SolarWorld 300 W Mono solar panels provide up to 1800 W under standard test conditions (1000W/M2)*. These SolarWorld 300 W solar panels are made in the USA and feature five busbar cell technology for superior performance. The solar panels have a silver anodized frame and white backsheet. SolarWorld's Sunmodule solar panels are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality, performance and durability. These modules meet stringent SolarWorld quality standards, exceeding all industry standards and certifications. They also carry a 25-year warranty to guarantee maximum performance through the lifetime of your system. * Enphase Micro Inverter AC Output rating: 1,680 W

Racking:SnapNrack mounting equipment is used to rack and attach the solar panels to a composition shingle roof, in a 1H6W Portrait orientation layout, layout drawing is linked below (Contact SPS for a custom solution). The SnapNrack Series 100 UL Roof Mount System is an efficient, visually appealing, photovoltaic (PV) module installation system. Series 100 UL is listed to the UL 2703 Standard for Bonding, meaning that all system components have been certified by UL for electrical continuity, eliminating the need for additional grounding hardware. In addition to grounding and bonding, the roof mount system, Series 100 UL, is Class A Fire Rated when installed with Type I and Type II Modules (Q Cells panels are Type II). SnapNrack's UL 2703 Certification and Compliance ensures that SnapNrack partners can continue to provide the best in class installations in quality, safety and efficiency.

Micro Inverters:DC power from the solar array is converted to household AC with Enphase S280 Micro Inverters, each solar panel requires it's own micro inverter. Designed for high-powered, 60-cell modules, the advanced grid-ready Enphase S280 Micro inverter is built on the fifth-generation platform and achieves the highest efficiency for module-level power electronics along with cost per watt reduction. With its all-AC approach, the S280 simplifies design and installation for 280 VA installations, and delivers optimal energy harvest. The Enphase S280 integrates seamlessly with Engage Cable, the Envoy-S, and Enlighten, Enphase's monitoring and analysis software.

Balance of System Components: Balance of system components, such as Enphase accessories, AC disconnect, and junction box are included with this package. Site specific parts including home run wiring, utility meter, or sub panel are not included.

GTe 1.8 Package Specs and Features:

  • Estimated Production (STC @ 5 Hours/Day): 8.4 kWh / Day, 252 kWh / Month
  • SolarWorld 300W Mono Solar Panels are Made in the USA
  • Enphase Micro Inverters provide many benefits, including simplified installation, they meet rapid shut down requirements, module level data monitoring and MPP tracking
  • SnapNrack Series 100 mounting equipment is listed by UL 2703 Standard for Bonding
  • This package can be customized with different solar panels, racking layouts, or racking attachment types for other types of roofs. Please contact SPS for a quote.

  • Package component's are subject to change.

    Replacement items will be of a similar or improved specification.