PV Array Design

PV Array Design

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Here is an easy method to help you figure out the correct solar array design size for your home.

Step 1: Find your monthly average electricity usage from your electric bill.

  • This will be in kilowatt-hours (kWh). Due to air conditioning, heating and other seasonal usage, it is a good idea to look at several bills. You can add the typical summer, fall, winter and spring bills and divide by four to find the average monthly usage.

    Step 2: Find your daily average electricity use.
  • Divide the monthly average number of kWh use by 30 (days).

    Step 3: Find your location's average peak sun hours per day.
  • Find what is known as an insolation map, or average sun hour list. (See our solar array Design Guide/Catalog pg. 14 or search internet.) For example, Colorado is around 5 peak sun hours.

    Step 4: Calculate the system size to provide 100% of your electricity.*
  • Divide your daily average electricity use by average sun hours per day. For example, if the daily average electricity usae is 30 kWh, and the site is in Colorado, system size would be: 30 kWh / 5 h = 6 kWh It's a good idea to multiply this number by 1.15 in order to account for factors such as inverter efficiency, dirt or pollutants that may accumulate on panels, etc., if you want to cover all of your use.(Our GT 7 package would be a good choice for this site.)

    *Your solar array does not need to meet 100% of your usage, and some products allow for system expansion over time. It's always a good idea to check into available financial incentives that may be available to you through your utility company or state.

    For detailed power production, projected costs, payback reports, and incentive information for your area, you can try out the Solar Estimator by clicking the blue button below.

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    *Please note, this is here for informational purposes, this is not a product or service to be ordered.

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