Off-Grid System OG 2.08

Off-Grid System OG 2.08
This is a 2,080 W Off-Grid system with the capability of powering both 120VAC and 240VAC loads. Using a Magnum Energy 4448PAE Inverter/Charger and a Magnum MMP load center, 120/240 combined loads of up to 4400 watts can be covered (time of use is dependent on 48V battery bank size - not included). The OG 2.08 is designed with an 8 panel top of pole mount for easy seasonal adjustment. 8 high quality Canadian Solar Poly-crystalline CS6P 260 black framed solar panels provide up to 10 kWh of power each day depending on location and array orientation.

OG 2.08 Package Features:
  • Solar capable producing up to 10 kWh/Day, 8.5 kWh/Day Typical, 6 kWh/Day winter.
  • Up to 4400W Continuous power available
  • Ability to power 120/240VAC loads.
  • Designed to be used with a generator (generator not included or required).
  • Magnum MMP comes mostly pre-wired for simplified and quick installation.
  • GFDI/Arc Fault Protection built into Midnite Classic Controller
  • Adjustable tilt top of pole mount.
  • Qualifies for 30% Federal Personal or Business Tax Credit
  • Ships with installation documents and product guides.
  • Includes battery cables for 8 6V Batteries

    48V Battery Bank Recommendations:
  • QTY: 16 L16 Type 6V Batteries - This will provide around 35kWh of stored power, 21kWh usable stored power.
  • QTY: 8 L16 Type 6V Batteries - This will provide around 17kWh of stored power, 10.5kWh usable stored power.
  • QTY:8 GC2 Type 6V Batteries - This will provide around 10kWh stored power, 6kWh usable stored power.
  • QTY: 4 G31 Type 12V Batteries - This will provide around 5kWh stored power, 3kWh usable stored power. *Usable stored power numbers reflect 60% DOD for longer battery life expectancy.

    For information regarding individual package components, please click the blue linked parts below.

  • Off-Grid System OG 2.08 Includes:

    Qty.Part Num.Item
    (8)UNIS-01179Upsolar 265 W Poly Solar Panel Black UP-M265P-B
    (1)MAGN-00050MS 4448PAE Inverter
    (1)MAGN-00458Magnum Mini Panel MMP175-30D
    (1)MAGN-00086Magnum ME-ARC50 Remote Panel
    (1)MAGN-00466Mini Magnum Panel Back Plate BP-MMP
    (1)DPAW-00476DPW Top-of-Pole Mount TPM8
    (1)MIDN-00441Midnite Classic 200
    (7)COLO-002232-0 Battery Cable 12in Black
    (1)COLO-002624-0 Inverter Cable 120in Black
    (1)COLO-002634-0 Inverter Cable 120in Red
    (1)MAGN-00714ME-BMK Magnum Battery Monitoring Kit
    (1)MAGN-00491Magnum Auto Generator Start Switch AGS-N
    (1)EOUT-00445MidNite Solar 3 HV Circuit Combiner 200-300VDC
    (2)OUTB-00671Midnite 50A 300VDC PV Breaker
    (1)OUTB-00446Midnite 15A 300VDC PV Breaker
    (1)OUTB-00634MNEPV 63A PV Breaker
    (2)COLO-00541Two Wire Cable Grip 6mm
    (2)COLO-0075230 ft MC-4 PV Cable Extensions
    (10)ILSC-00096HelioLug U Lug PV Lug with Hardware UL 2703

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