Off-Grid System OG 2.34 2340W 48V

Off-Grid System OG 2.34 2340W 48V
The OG-2.34 Package is a medium sized off-grid system with 2,340 W of solar power charging a modest battery bank comprised of 8 L16 Type batteries which provide 17.7KW of stored power*. Large, efficient, 260W solar modules by Canadian Solar are pole mounted on an adjustable tilt rack by PowerFab (Arranged as 3Hx3W-Portrait, required 8" SCH 80 pole not included). The inverter equipment by OutBack is pre-wired for a simplified and clean installation. Charge controller mounting, charge controller breaker and GFDI's are not pre-wired.

Typical system lead time to delivery is 4-6 weeks. Additional information for each item included with this package can be found by clicking the blue parts links below.

OG-2.34 Package Features:
  • Solar capable of charging up to 15kWh/Day, 11kWh/Day Typical, 7kWh/Day winter.
  • Over 10.5kWh usable stored power.
  • Ability to power 120/240VAC loads.
  • Can handle up to 7.2kW continuous combined AC loads.
  • Compatible with many generators.
  • OutBack inverters pre-wired with FlexWare components and factory tested.
  • Adjustable tilt top of pole mount is great for seasonal angle changes and easy snow/dirt removal from solar modules.
  • Qualifies for 30% Federal Personal Tax Credit
  • Ships with installation documents and product guides.
  • Customized site specific engineering documents for Top-of-Pole mount foundation available at no additional cost.
  • Batteries available for local pickup by many customers, saves on shipping!

    *Ideally, battery capacity should not drop below 40%. This will increase the number of battery cycles, extending battery bank lifetime.

  • Off-Grid System OG 2.34 2340W 48V Includes:

    Qty.Part Num.Item
    (9)UNIS-01179Upsolar 265 W Poly Solar Panel Black UP-M265P-B
    (1)DPAW-00482DPW Top-of-Pole Mount TPM9
    (1)OUTB-00579OutBack FLEXpower Two FP2 Dual VFX3648
    (8)TROJ-00339Trojan L16RE-B 6V 370 AH
    (6)COLO-002232-0 Battery Cable 12in Black
    (1)COLO-002252-0 Battery Cable 18in Black
    (1)COLO-002624-0 Inverter Cable 120in Black
    (1)COLO-002634-0 Inverter Cable 120in Red
    (3)COLO-0075230 ft MC-4 PV Cable Extensions
    (1)EOUT-00764MidNite Solar 3 Circuit Combiner
    (3)OUTB-00699MNEPV 20A PV Breaker
    (11)ILSC-00096HelioLug U Lug PV Lug with Hardware UL 2703
    (4)COLO-00541Two Wire Cable Grip 6mm

    Product Detail:

    4-6 Weeks to Delivery

    Qty.Sale Price
    1 + $14650.00

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