OG 3.42 3420 Watt 48V Off Grid System

OG 3.42 3420 Watt 48V Off Grid System
The OG 3.42 is an off-grid or grid-tie with battery backup system. The kit includes 12 SolarWorld 285 W solar panels, for a total array size of 3,420 W. The DC power is converted to 120/240 VAC with a pre-wired Schneider XW Plus 5548 inverter system built by MidNite Solar. The pre-wired inverter includes a Classic 150 charge controller which prevents the batteries form being overcharged. The inverter can provide up to 5,500 Watts continuous power for 120/240 VAC loads. A UL listed 4H3W Lanscape ground mount rack from SnapNrack is included, which requires additional 1.5 Inch SCH 40 or 80 pipe. Ground mount details are below, and can be adjusted if needed for your location. Stamped engineering letters are available for the ground mount structure for most states at no additional cost. The package does not include battery or inverter cables, and the best battery bank size is dependent on the system type and storage capacity required, below are examples of several 48V battery bank configurations. NOTE: This package can be re-configured with different solar panels, or racking types please contact us for custom systems.

OG 3.42 Package Features
  • Inverter can power up to 5,500 watts continuous 120/240 VAC loads.
  • SolarWorld panels are made in the USA.
  • Inverter and load center are pre-wired for simplified and clean installation.
  • Array Combiner Box,Breakers, MC4 Extension wires and other BOS items included.
  • SnapNrack Ground Mount UL 2703 Listed
  • Stamped engineering letter for ground mount is available for most states.
  • Ground Mount Design - Snowload: 21-30 PSF Windspeed: 100 MPH Tilt: 35 Degrees Foundation: Standard Pier Minimum Height of Leading Edge: 28 Inches Wind Speed Standard: IBC 2012 (Contact us for an alternate mount design)

  • OG 3.42 3420 Watt 48V Off Grid System Includes:

    Qty.Part Num.Item
    (12)SOLW-01063Solarworld SW 285 MONO 33mm frame
    (1)XANT-01034XW5548 Pre-Wired System MNXWP5548-CL150
    (1)EOUT-00718MidNite Solar 6 Circuit Combiner
    (4)OUTB-00699MNEPV 20A PV Breaker
    (4)COLO-00541Two Wire Cable Grip 6mm
    (2)COLO-0075230 ft MC-4 PV Cable Extensions
    (2)COLO-0075350 ft MC-4 PV Cable Extensions
    (4)AAEN-00363SnapNrack 162in Ground Rails Clear 2PC
    (16)AAEN-00397Snap N Rack Ground Mount 1.5 in pipe clamp
    (24)AAEN-01012SnapNrack Bonding Mid Clamp 1.20 - 1.48 in Clear
    (16)AAEN-01021SnapNrack Bonding Universal End Clamp
    (16)AAEN-01039SnapNrack Ground Rail End Cap
    (4)AAEN-00393Hollaender Single Socket Tee 5E-8 1.5 in AL
    (4)AAEN-00398Hollaender Double Adjustable Socket Tee 19E-8
    (12)AAEN-00391Hollaender Single Adjustable Socket Tee 17-8
    (8)AAEN-01038Hollaender Plug End 62-8 1.5 Inch
    (8)AAEN-00686SnapNrack Snap-in Ground Lug Assembly 6-12 AWG

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    48V Battery Bank Recommendations (Package does NOT include batteries):
  • QTY: 24 L16 Type 2V Batteries - This will provide around 53kWh of stored power, 31kWg usable stored power.
  • QTY: 16 L16 Type 6V Batteries - This will provide around 35kWh of stored power, 21kWh usable stored power.
  • 48V Set of HUP Solar One Batteries will provide between 34kWh-64kWh stored power.
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