OutBack 3648 Inverter System 2

OutBack 3648 Inverter System 2
This system comes complete with an OutBack 3648 inverter, FM60 Charge Controller plus the Mate for programming and system monitoring. Also included is the FlexWare 250 enclosure with 175A inverter and controller breakers, Hub and battery temp sensor. Call us and we can recommend solar panels and batteries to complete your system. Please note, unlike the Pre-Wired systems, this package does not include assembly and testing.

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OutBack 3648 Inverter System 2 Includes:

Qty.Part Num.Item
(1)OUTB-00090OutBack VFX3648
(1)OUTB-00085OutBack FLEXmax 60 FM60
(1)OUTB-00109OutBack Mate
(1)OUTB-00110HUB-4 Communications Manager
(1)OUTB-00705FLEXware 250
(2)OUTB-00138MNEDC-60 Panel Mount Breaker
(1)OUTB-00102OutBack RTS Temp. Sensor

Product Detail:

Typical Build Time 3-4 Weeks

Qty.Sale Price
1 + $3000.00

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