GoPower Weekender Kit 160W

GoPower Weekender Kit 160W
The Go Power Weekender System combines our popular GP-RV-160 watt Solar Kit and the GP-SW1500-12 1500 watt pure sine wave inverter, for a complete RV power package. The result is an economical yet powerful way to have the comforts you need wherever you dry camp. The Go Power 160-watt solar panel kit is complete and ready for plug & power installation. Includes Go Power! DC Installation Kit. The Go Power WEEKENDER SW is easily expandable into a full-time system.

Go Power 160-Watt Solar Panel System Includes:
  • 160 watt solar charging kit (GP-RV-160)
  • 1500 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter for AC power (GP-SW1500-12)
  • 30 amp pulse width modulated digital regulator (GP-PWM-30)
  • Inverter on/off remote (GP-SW-REMOTE)
  • DC Inverter Install Kit (GP-DC-KIT3)
  • 30 amp pre-wired automatic shore power/inverter AC switching kit (GP-TS)
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