RV Solar Panel Kit - 100W 12V Charging System Tilt

RV Solar Panel Kit - 100W 12V Charging System Tilt
Great price on a 100 W kit designed for charging one or two 12 V battery banks.

This kit includes a premium quality Synthesis 100 W 12 V solar panel, a Morningstar SunSaver Duo charge controller which includes a remote meter to monitor battery charge and solar status, an adjustable tilt panel mounting frame, and an inline fuse for the charge controller. This charge controller has a rating of 25 A, so two additional panels could be added in the future easily.

Adjustable tilt mounting brackets and hardware for the panel is included, bolts to attach feet to the surface are not included. Also included with the kit, a 50 Ft MC4 Cable with cord grip, and two inline fuse holders and fuses. To see additional details, including spec sheets, for each product click the blue product link below.

Specs and Features
  • 100 W 12 V Charging Kit
  • Four Hour Solar Charge Approx: 400 Wh
  • Charge controller designed specifically for RV applications, includes remote digital meter and has ability to charge two separate battery banks
  • Tilt Mount Roof Brackets can improve daily solar production
  • Our RV 100E or RV 200E Expansion Kits are available for a system up to 300 W, see related parts to the right.

    Additional product info or specs can be found by clicking the blue product links in the package components list below.
  • RV Solar Panel Kit - 100W 12V Charging System Tilt Includes:

    Qty.Part Num.Item
    (1)SNTH-01158Synthesis Power SP100P 100W 12V Poly Solar Panel
    (1)MORN-00497MorningStar SunSaver Duo w Remote Meter SSD-25RM
    (1)UNIR-00399Tilt Mount Bracket Kit for 50W-160W SLB-0103
    (1)COLO-0075350 ft MC-4 PV Cable Extensions
    (2)OUTB-00585Inline ATC Fuse Holder 10AWG
    (2)OUTB-00593ATC Fuse 30A
    (1)COLO-00541Two Wire Cable Grip 6mm

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       100 W Solar Panel Spec Sheet
       SunSaver Duo Charge Controller Spec Sheet