RV Solar Panel Kit - 160W 12V Charging System Flat

RV Solar Panel Kit - 160W 12V Charging System Flat
Great Kit. Great price on a 160 W RV Solar Kit designed to charge one or two 12 volt battery banks. Great size for a weekend of average RV off-grid fun!

Included. This kit includes (i) a premium quality Carmannah 160 W 12 V mono solar panel, (ii) a Morningstar SunSaver Duo charge controller which includes a remote meter to monitor battery charge and solar status, (iii) 4 SolarLand black ABS mounting brackets (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, a common thermoplastic polymer for an aesthetic appearance) for a clean, no-drill, flush mount installation, (iv) inline fuse holders and fuses for the charge controller, (v) 35 Ft 10-2 Tray Cable with cord grip.

Not Included. Self-tapping screws to secure panel to mounting brackets, and adhesive to bond brackets to RV roof are not included. Click here to see our recommended adhesive.

Additional Info. A four-hour solar charge is approx: 640 Wh. The charge controller is designed specifically for RV applications, includes remote digital meter and has ability to charge two separate battery banks. Also, it has a rating of 25 A, so another panel could easily be added in the future. To see additional details, including spec sheets, for each product click the blue product link below.

RV Solar Panel Kit - 160W 12V Charging System Flat Includes:

Qty.Part Num.Item
(1)CARM-00927Carmanah CTI-160 160W 12V
(1)MORN-00497MorningStar SunSaver Duo w Remote Meter SSD-25RM
(1)UNIR-01205 Solarland ABS Marine / RV Panel Mounts SLB-0115
(2)OUTB-00585Inline ATC Fuse Holder 10AWG
(2)OUTB-00593ATC Fuse 30A
(35)COLO-0052210-2 Tray Cable per foot
(1)COLO-00518Tray cable grip
(1)UNIR-01232Go Power Cable Entry Kit GP-CEP

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