RV Solar Panel Kit - 290W 12V Charging System Flat

RV Solar Panel Kit - 290W 12V Charging System Flat
Great price on a 290 W kit designed for charging one or two 12 V battery banks.

This kit includes two premium quality Kyocera 145 W 12 V solar panels, a Morningstar SunSaver Duo charge controller which includes a remote meter to monitor battery charge and solar status, flat mount panel brackets, and inline fuses for the charge controller. This charge controller has a rating of 25 A, so another panel could be added in the future easily.

Also included with the kit, 30 Ft 10-2 Tray Cable with cord grips.. To see additional details, including spec sheets, for each product click the blue product link below.

Specs and Features
  • 290 W 12 V Charging Kit
  • Four Hour Solar Charge Approx: 580 Wh
  • Charge controller designed specifically for RV applications, includes remote digital meter and has ability to charge two separate battery banks
  • Flat mount roof brackets
  • Additional product info or specs can be found by clicking the blue product links in the package components list below.
  • RV Solar Panel Kit - 290W 12V Charging System Flat Includes:

    Qty.Part Num.Item
    (2)KYOC-00087Kyocera KD145 SX-UFU 145W 12V Solar Panel C1D2
    (1)MORN-00497MorningStar SunSaver Duo w Remote Meter SSD-25RM
    (2)UNIR-00406Universal Flat Mount Bracket Kit SLB-0102
    (30)COLO-0052210-2 Tray Cable per foot
    (3)COLO-00518Tray cable grip
    (2)OUTB-00585Inline ATC Fuse Holder 10AWG
    (2)OUTB-00593ATC Fuse 30A

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