12 LED Deluxe Solar Shed Light

12 LED Deluxe Solar Shed Light
This is a Super Bright LED rechargeable solar lamp made by SolarLand. It's a simple and modern solution of night illumination. The 1.5W solar panel is designed to be waterproof, and easy for installation. The 12 wide angle LEDs provide sufficient light to move around a room and the special silver-gilt reflecting plate enhances brightness. This is a fast, easy install with no additional wires required and can be widely used in any shed, gazebo, garage, barn or greenhouse. This works with 3 re-chargeable Ni-Mh AA batteries (which given 400-500 cycles at 4-5 hours should last aprox 1 year) For additional information, see spec sheet or video below.

Kit Contents/Specs
  • 12 LED Shed Lamp
  • 1.5W Polycrystaline Solar Panel
  • 9.8 ft Panel Wire
  • (3) Rechargeable Batteries
  • Battery protection from overcharging
  • Typical charge time 5-6 hours
  • Typical run time 4-5 hours

    Solarland P/N: BSL-P8002M-1
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