Hydrovolt Battery Hydrometer MNHydrometer

Hydrovolt Battery Hydrometer MNHydrometer
This is a great battery Hydrometer sold by Midnite Soalr. Midnite PN: MNHydrometer

The HYDROVOLT battery tester is a heavy-duty, chemical-resistant hydrometer which is direct reading and accurate at all electrolyte temperatures. Its advanced design incorporates important practical features which simplify battery service as never before.

Hydrovolt Hydrometer Features Include:
  • handy compact size for use with hard-to-get-at batteries
  • large, easy-to-read scale with quick-check colored sectors
  • readings independent of vertical positioning of instrument
  • fast, bubble-free intake of fluid sample
  • automatic air-lock prevents fluid loss and air bleed
  • unexcelled temperature compensation and measuring accuracy
  • sturdy, shock-resistant materials, noncorrosive throughout

    For additional information on this Hydrovolt hydrometer, see the PDF Linked below.
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