The Power Vent - Battery Box Ventilator 48V

The Power Vent - Battery Box Ventilator 48V
This 48V Power Vent provides positive venting of a battery box. The built in back draft damper stops cold outside air from entering the battery box. The Power Vent can be easily installed in a battery box vent system using 2 inch PVC pipe. Power consumption is 6 watts. Air volume movement is approx 8 cfm. 12V and 24V fans are also available. Fan is replaceable. 48 volt Power Vents are built with two 24 volt fans wired in series.

*The POWER VENT is designed around typical home power systems with battery banks under 2,200 amp hours and charge rates under 150 dc amperes. Systems larger than this can produce more hydrogen gas than the expel rate of the POWER VENT which operates in the 5 to 8 cubic foot per minute range. Two vents may be used for higher volume.

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