Smart Battery SB100 12V 100 Ah Lithium Ion Battery

Smart Battery SB100 12V 100 Ah Lithium Ion Battery

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The Smart Battery SB100 12 volt, 100 amp hour, group 31 lithium ion battery is Smart Battery's most popular battery! And no wonder. 100 amp hour 12 volt batteries are the mainstay for RVs, boats and many smaller off-grid/remote solar power systems. If you're looking to switch to a lithium ion battery and want a simple, high-quality, drop-in replacement for lead acid--this is your battery!

Smart Battery has been manufacturing lithium ion batteries designed as replacements for lead acid batteries for over 10 years. Their reputation for quality, safe design and manufacture is backed up by their life time limited warranty against defects!

Like the rest of the broad line of Smart Battery lithium ion batteries, the SB100 uses LiFePo4 (lithium ion iron phosphate) technology, which is the newest, safest and longest-lasting lithium ion chemistry available. And they are built with 3.2V 5AH Cylindrical Lithium Ion Cells, designed with explosion proof stainless steel, flame retardant electrolyte and a thermal fuse.

Smart Battery products like the SB100 start with "smart" design. For example, the cells are bolted together to increase strength, conductivity and quality. The cells are bolted through length-way circuit boards that provide additional balancing, strength and short circuit protection. Should a cell fail (an unlikely event), the circuit boards will take the affected cell or cells off-line which allows the battery to continue to function normally at 12V with little reduced capacity.

Also, Smart Battery cells are grouped together based on 10 consistencies when building each battery pack. The bolted cell design provides a stronger connection for less resistance and more current conductivity. Along with passive balancing through the length way circuit boards, these batteries maintain the highest overall pack capacity and are designed to last 3000 - 5000 cycles.

The result is a battery that weighs up to 70% less than traditional lead acid batteries, can be discharged to 100% DOD (vs 50% for lead acid), and last 3000-5000 cycles with no noxious gassing or maintenance. If you are looking for these long-lasting benefits in your next battery, the Smart Battery SB100 is for you!