MidNite Solar MNBirdhouse Emergency Disconnect Gry

MidNite Solar MNBirdhouse Emergency Disconnect Gry
This MidNite Solar Birdhouse is a firefighter/home owner's control device designed specifically for disconnecting rooftop PV panels at ground level. In case of emergencies or system maintenance, the press of a big red button disconnects inherently hazardous voltages.

The Birdhouse woks in conjunction with MidNite Solar's disconnecting combiners. It's designed to be mounted withing 500 meters (1640 ft) of the combiner and located near rooftop access points such as doors and ladders.

The Birhouse's LEDs display the system status and automated speech gives further situation specific instructions. The Birdhouse has an attractive weather resistant enclosure made of anodized aluminum and high density plastic.

For additional information, see the PDF links below.

  • Located at ground level, the Birdhouse provides a safe means to disconnect high voltage PV arrays from MidNite Disconnecting and Arc Fault combiners.
  • Hard wired connection gives positive feedback that the Disconnect on the roof has actually been thrown. Connection is via 600/1000v Cat 5 USE-2 cable
  • Up to four separate means of power including battery backup insures that the disconnect will be tripped when the button is pushed
  • Voice confirms level of safety (day or night) to the person pushing the button
  • Nema 3R UV resistant enclosure
  • Able to disconnect multiple PV Disco Arcfault Combiners
  • Firefighter Approved
  • 600V Cat 5 USE-2 cable $1.39 per ft.
  • Size: 12.1"L x 8.3"W x 4.6"D
  • Box Size: 16"L x 12"W x 7"D
  • Weight: 5 Lbs
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    A new section in Article 690 of the NEC codes will be introduced to increase the electrical and fire safety of photovoltaic (PV) systems on buildings-in particular, for the emergency responders working on or near the power lines that may potentially contain live PV circuits. For PV systems installed on roofs of buildings, PV source circuits will be required to de-energized within 10 seconds of when emergency shutdown is initiated or when the PV power source disconnecting means is opened.

    Local municipalities are already starting to require the use of the Emergency Shutdown system. (City of Anaheim Fire Dept Specs & Req) MidNite Solar has all the needed equipment to install the Emergency Shutdown systems, including the battery disconnect modules to allow for disabling anything battery based including the Inverter and AC generator.

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       Birdhouse Brochure
       Birdhouse User Manual