New from Midnite Solar! Save time and money with this all in one combiner and disconnect unit!

MidNite Solar 6 Circuit Combiner Disconnect

MidNite Solar 6 Circuit Combiner Disconnect
The MNPV6 DISCO combiner is the first in a series of disconnecting PV combiners from MidNite Solar. This is an off-grid PV combiner for use with 150 and 300VDC breakers.

This combiner/disconnect has received ETL approval to put 240VAC breakers in the enclosure. This can be useful for an Enphase roof top combiner. The MNDC6 Disco with AC breakers also makes a nice non rusting AC disconnect switch. At the same time we received approval to put a UL listed 600VDC breaker in the enclosure. You can now put a 600VDC and a 240VAC breaker in the same box.

This configuration makes a compact Grid Tie disconnect for those applications where the built in switch won't do the trick.

For additional information, see .pdf document links below.

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