Enphase Engage 240V Portrait Cable

Enphase Engage 240V Portrait Cable
This is 240VAC 4 Conductor Enphase Engage cable designed for use with Enphase M and S series microinverters and solar panels mounted in portrait orientation.

These are custom cuts from bulk cable rolls with 240 connectors per roll max. Connectors are spaced every 40". Plan on using one Enphase Branch terminator per circuit (Up to 17 M215 microinverters per 20A 240VAC branch circuit).

Sold Per Connector section (For example: QTY 1 cable = 10" Cable-Connector-30" Cable) For additional information, see the spec sheet linked below.

This Enphase Engage portrait cable is not compatible with the latest Enphase IQ series microinverters which require the use of Engage Q Cable listed below.

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