Enphase Engage Branch Terminator

Enphase Engage Branch Terminator
Enphase Branch Terminators for use with Engage (prior to the latest IQ version) cable and microinverters.

The Enphase Micro inverter incorporates DC connectors and an AC connector. These connectors are preinstalled along the entire cable. One end is wired directly into the junction box at the head of the branch circuit, eliminating the need for a separate AC interconnect cable. The other end is sealed from the environment using an Enphase Branch Terminator.

Following are the maximum number of M215 Microinverters per 20A branch circuit:
  • M215 - 240V service - 17 Microinverters per branch circuit
  • M215 - 208V service - 25 Microinverters per branch circuit
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