Enphase Envoy Wi-Fi Adapter WF-01

Enphase Envoy Wi-Fi Adapter WF-01

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This Envoy Wi-Fi adapter is to be used with the Envoy Communications Gateway (see related parts to the right) - which is the hub that connects your Enphase microinverter system to Enlighten, Enphase's web-based monitoring software for PV systems.

Instead of having to run an Ethernet cable from the Envoy hardware into a broadband router, you can now connect the Envoy Communications Gateway with this new Enphase Envoy wireless adapter. The adapter simplifies connectivity and makes finding a location for the Envoy much easier. It also allows you to connect up to 600 microinverters to one Envoy.

With the Enphase Envoy wireless adapter, you can connect the Envoy to the Internet in one of two ways:

-Use the Wi-Fi WPS button on the wireless router (or...) -Configure the Envoy manually using the Envoy local interface

Some installation sites require that you extend the range of the existing Wi-Fi network so that the Envoy with the wireless adapter can connect to the Internet.

About Wireless Range Extenders - In some situations, the wireless network on site may not have a range great enough for the Envoy to establish communications. Using wireless range extenders at these sites may strengthen the signal of the existing wireless network to allow Envoy connection to the Internet.

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