General Specialties UPM 3X Top-of-Pole Mount

General Specialties UPM 3X Top-of-Pole Mount
The UPM 3X is the smallest standard Top-of-Pole Mount in the General Specialties line up.

It will fit 3 Size A modules, 2 of the size B or C modulesm, or 1 Size D module (see category descriptions below), all in a 1 column format.

This mount is built for a 4" post--Schedule 40 or 80.

Module Category Descriptions:

  • Panel size "A" - Panels up to 140W or 26.5" x 59.5" (10.94 ft2 max)
  • Panel Size "B" - Panels 145-205W or 32.5" x 62.5" (14.10 ft2 max)
  • Panel size "C" - Panels 225-260W (60 cell) or 39.5" x 65.5" (17.96 ft2 max)
  • Panel Size "D" - Panels 265W+ (72 cell) or 39" x 77" (20.84 ft2 max)

  • Product Detail:

    Usually ships within 48 hours

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    1 + $371.20

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    Additional Information:

    All mounts designed for panels in LANDSCAPE orientation. Mounting post to be supplied by customer. All post sizes refer to "A53 Schedule" pipe. Ships in 2 boxes: Box 1: 10x10x6 - 13 lbs; Box 2: 4x4x82 - 32lbs.


       Top Of Pole Mount UPM 3X Installation Manual