Midnite Classic 200

Midnite Classic 200
The Midnite Classic 200 charge controller is a sophisticated solar, wind, or hydro MPPT regulator designed for up to 200VDC input, and will support a nominal battery voltage of up to 72V. These controllers have some very unique features including built in design programs and voice prompts. Free wireless data monitoring, a built in DC GFP and arc fault detector, and modbus open architecture are sure to make this an industry favorite. For a full list of unique Midnite Classic charge controller features, please see the .pdf documents below. Includes MNGP display and temp sensor.
There is also a Midnite document explaining HyperVOC here.

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Warranty Info: MidNite Solar's Classic comes with a standard 5 year warranty we will repair or replace the Classic at no charge to the consumer during this 5 year period End of Warranty tune up MidNite Solar offers a industry first Tune up / Extended Warranty. 6 months prior to the end of the warranty period Customers can ship their Classic back to MidNite Solar with a check for $125 dollars and we will replace any wearable items like the fans and the capacitors and in general tune the Classic up. This will also extend the warranty by 2 additional years as well.

The Classics are no longer shipping with the Whiz Bang Jr Current Sense module, see related parts to the right.

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Additional Information:

Model: Classic200
Operating volts in: 200VDC
Max HyperVOC: 200+battery
Bat charge V: 12-93
Max current out: 79 amps
Environment: -40 - 40C
Dimensions of Classic: 14.87" x 5.95" x 4.00"
Dimensions boxed:19.0" x 8.5" x 5.7"

Classic 200 70 Vmp 120 Vmp 140 Vmp 160 Vmp
12V Battery 79A/1137W 77A/1108W 74A/1065W 73A/1050W
24V Battery 78A/2238W 74A/2123W 72A/2066W 72A/2066W
48V Battery 78A/4550W 70A/4080W 65A/3796W 65A/3796W
72V Battery N/A 65A/5414W 63A/5247W 53A/4414W

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   Classic Manual
   Classic Quick Start Installation Guide
   Classic Power Graph