MidNite Kid 30A MPPT Charge Controller Deluxe Kit

MidNite Kid 30A MPPT Charge Controller Deluxe Kit

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    Manufacturer Part#: MN-KID-DLX
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MidNite Solar MN-KID-B 30A MPPT charge controller for 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V battery output. This deluxe kit includes the most popular accessories for the KID controller, a Whizbang Jr with 500 A Shunt for accurate battery monitoring, a battery temp sensor and mounting bracket.

The KID is among the most versatile medium sized charge controllers on the market. These are ideal for small renewable energy systems, and allow for true input paralleling. As your power needs grow, add more solar panels to the array and a second KID MPPT charge controller. MidNite Part Number: MNKID-B. For additional information, please see the PDF documents linked below.


  • MPPT Tracking (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
  • True paralleling - Inputs and Outputs for two KIDs
  • Up to 150V input
  • MidNite's exclusive HyperVOC extends the input voltage beyond 150 VOC for cold climates
  • 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V battery output
  • Lighting Controller: dusk-dawn, hourly, day, night settings
  • Up to 30 amps battery output with low input voltage based off of PV configuration
  • No fan
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Front panel exchangeable fuses for battery, input and load.
  • 3 LED bar graph for battery status at a glance
  • Keypad for access to extensive menu items and set points
  • Includes wall mount adapter, WhizBang Jr, Shunt 500, and Battery Temp Sensor
  • Sealed for harsh environments
  • Built in Arlington, WA USA