Outback FM Extreme 80A MPPT Controller

Outback FM Extreme 80A MPPT Controller
OutBack Power FM Extreme 80A MPPT charge controller, outdoor rated with passive cooling and advanced safety fault sense. 80 Amp output @ 45C, 12 to 60Vdc battery, 150Vdc PV maximum

The FLEXmax Extreme is engineered around the concept that the strongest chain is one with no weak links. In the case of charge controller design, the weak link is typically the cooling fan. Removing the fan removes the greatest obstacle to long service life and high reliability, as fan problems severely limit power output.

The FLEXmax Extreme's advanced thermal engineering provides full power output from -20 to 45C without requiring a cooling fan. Because the passively cooled unit can be sealed, circuit boards and other sensitive electronics can be fully protected from dust, dirt, insects, and other external sources of contamination.

Installer features of the FLEXmax Extreme include: "ground agnostic" design to support negative, positive and floating ground systems, increased wire-bending space, over-sized terminals for easier installation with larger gauge wire, and mechanical design that permits servicing and replacing all power components while the unit is mounted on a wall and attached to conduit.

  • Environmentally-rated outdoor enclosure
  • Solid-state, passively cooled design for quiet operation
  • Sealed architecture for long-term reliability
  • Easily integrated AXS Card/Modbus/TCP interface
  • Remote battery voltage sense improves battery charging performance

    For additional information, see the spec sheet linked below.
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