FLEXware X-240 Autotransformer

FLEXware X-240 Autotransformer
The X-240 is a 4kVA rated autoformer which can be used to step up or step down 120VAC/240VAC. It is most often used in the balancing configuration for stacked FX systems. In this way loads on 2 legs can be balanced on the inverters. Also one or more inverters can idle while both legs receive power, with additional inverters waking up only when the total load requires it. Note that when in a balancing configuration the total output of the system can exceed the 4kVA rating of the autoformer as the rating applies to the power required to balance, not the total power of the system. Includes dual pole 25A breakers, and precut hookup wires.

4kVA 120/240VAC 60Hz comes with 25 amp dual-pole breaker for mounting inside the FW500 or FW1000 AC enclosures.

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