Eco Energy ASC50 Advanced Solar Charger 50W 12V

Eco Energy ASC50 Advanced Solar Charger 50W 12V
The Advanced Solar Charger is a simple, easy to install controller for small PV systems. This charge controller is unique in the fact it's standby power consumption is zero. It shuts off at night to prevent battery drain thus not needing a blocking diode and produces no radio interference. 12 Volt, Max. charging current 4a, Max. PV open circuit voltage 30 volts.

  • Unique - Zero Battery consumption
  • Protection (PV & Batt), against short-circuit & reverse polarity, overload, over temperature & battery removal
  • Can charge a completely discharged battery
  • Extreme design -40 to +70C (-40 to +160 F)
  • Series design (not shunt)
  • Reliable - 100% solid state
  • No radio interference
  • Silent
  • No need to derate
  • Temperature compensation (.028V/C or .016V/F)
  • Fully encapsulated in epoxy potting
  • 5 year warranty
  • Manufactured with solar power
  • Designed and built in North America

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    Custom Options (Contact us for a quote)
  • Custom voltage setpoints
  • Optional Dual Battery Charging
  • Custom wire lead lengths
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