MorningStar Prostar MPPT PS-MPPT-25-M 25A 12-24V

MorningStar Prostar MPPT PS-MPPT-25-M 25A 12-24V

What it is. The Morningstar Prostar MPPT 25-M is a 25 amp 12/24 volt charge controller with a convenient digital meter. This little baby not only serves as a excellent MPPT solar charge controller, but also as a lighting controller using Morningstar's TrakStar Technology.

Batteries. Battery options continue to grow, and the Prostar MPPT 25-M keeps up, with detailed battery programming options that support the latest Lithium, Nickel Cadmium, and Lead Acid type batteries.

  • 25 A 12/24V Charge and Lighting Controller with LVD (Low Voltage Disconnect) Option
  • Nominal Max Array Power: 350 W @ 12 V , 700 W @ 24 V
  • Battery Voltage Range 8-35 V
  • Conformally coated circuit board and corrosion resistant terminals for high reliability
  • High efficiency across low, medium and high power levels
  • Detailed data logging of power and load data, 190 Days
  • Low noise design meets FCC Class B specs
  • Automatic PV based lighting control, multi-event load control enables powerful options for PV lighting systems and setting can easily be adjusted in the field
  • Industry standard MODBUS communications protocol
  • High strength poly carbonate case and extruded aluminum heatsink
  • Optional Accessories Include: Remote Temp Sensor (RTS), Remote Meter (RM-1), Wire Box (PS-MPPT-WB), USB Communications Adapter (UMC-1), Meter Hub (HUB-1), Relay Drive (RD-1) (See related parts to the right)
  • Five Year Warranty
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       Morningstar Prostar MPPT Spec Sheet
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