Carmanah FLEX 30 30W 12V Solar Panel

Carmanah FLEX 30 30W 12V Solar Panel

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The FLEX 30 Solar Module from Carmanah is a 30W 12V high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar module that provides outstanding performance and cost-effective solar power for high-end off-grid, marine, and mobile applications. Carmanah's FLEX 30 solar module is semi-flexible frame-less solar panel.

Solar Flex solar panels are designed to provide a powerfulcharging solution for batteries. Unlike other 'thin' products,Solar Flex uses high-efficiency monocrystalline cells thatproduce more power per square foot than any other flat panelon the market.An impermeable lamination coats the entire module,allowing it to flex against curved areas and eliminating anyneed for a bulky frame. The flat, lightweight module is lessthan 1/8 inch thick and provides an extremely durablesurface. The panel can be affixed by adhesive or screwmounting options and quick-connect MC4 cables are anadded bonus for ease-of-installation.Solar Flex panels are aerodynamic and DURABLE -a virtually unbreakable solar battery charger.


  • Curves up to 30 degrees
  • 82% lighter than other solar modules
  • Durable surface is less than 1/8" / 3mm thick
  • Flexible, high-efficiency back-contact cells
  • Penetrating or adhesive mounting options
  • Marine grade material
  • Conforms to almost any surface
  • Note: Picture shows removable protective film on the front of the panel, the module laminate does not have bubbles.GREAT AVAILABILITY, PLEASE PLEASE CALL US FOR PRICING OR A QUOTE! - 970.984.3750 or... 1.800.766.7644

  • Output Power: 30 W
    Rated Current: 1.70 A
    Rated Voltage: 17.6 V
    Dimensions: 21.1 x 15.25 x 0.1 inches
    Weight: 1.1 lbs

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