Conext SW AC Switch Gear 120-240

Conext SW AC Switch Gear 120-240
The AC Breaker Panel (120/240V) is pre-wired for quick installation with a single Conext SW and ensures a safe and code compliant connection to a secondary AC distribution panel or directly to AC loads. The AC breaker panel accommodates split phase output from Conext SW (120/240V). The AC breaker panel features seven breaker spots for inverter AC input, AC output, interlocked AC bypass and GFCI breakers. There is provisioning for a single DIN mounted surge arrestor and multiple in-line surge arrestors. Three 30A breakers are included. Dual Conext SW installations can be accommodated with the additional of the AC breaker kit for stacked Conext SW (120/240V).

SW AC Switch Gear 120/240 Includes
  • (1)Installation Guide/Mounting Template
  • (1)Switchgear Box
  • (1)Switchgear Cover
  • (2)Double-pole 30-amp AC Breaker (bundled)
  • (1)Double-pole 60-amp AC Breaker
  • (4)Jumper Bar (pre-installed)
  • (1)Handle Interlock Device (pre-installed)
  • (6)10AWG AC Wire (black, pre-wired)
  • (2)10AWG AC Wire (red, pre-wired)
  • (1)10AWG AC Wire (white, pre-wired)
  • (1)12AWG Ground Wire (green, pre-wired)
  • (4)Terminal buses (one each - L1, L2, Ground, Neutral)
  • Previous Schneider ID: 865-1017
  • New Schneider Catalog Number: RNW8651017
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