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Dasol Solar Panels

Affordable Off-Grid Solar Panel

Looking for a really affordable 12 volt panel for your off-grid or battery-based application? Although we have a few great lines to choose from, Dasol is our great line-up of value-based panels. You'll find the right wattage panel for your remote energy application!


Have no fear, these Dasol solar panels are designed to last. And to prove it, Dasol stands behind them with a 3 year limited warranty on defects and a 25 year limited power production warranty (warrants 80% production after 25 years).

The Company.

Dasol (Anji DASOL Solar Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd.) has been researching, developing and manufacturing solar panels, lighting and systems since 2006 (with a special emphasis in off-grid equipment). Their solar panels are certified to UL 1703 standards.

Dasol Solar Panels

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