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The inverter is a critical part of any solar electric system that needs to power any AC (Alternating Current) loads. AC power is the type of electricity that the electric utility grid provides homes and businesses. So AC loads would include anything plugged into a typical household outlet. DC (Direct Current) is the form of electricity generated by the solar photovoltaic panel and stored in batteries. DC outlets are often found on boats, RVs, and cars. While there are DC appliances and devices out there (like the line of SunDanzer DC refrigerators and freezers found on this site), most devices used in homes and business use AC and so solar systems use inverters to "invert" DC power to AC.

Small Inverters. 

Our Small Inverter category includes inverters generally ranging from 125 watts to 2000 watts in 12 and 24-volt capacities. These small power inverters are great for smaller applications like boats, RVs, or other relatively smaller systems. In addition to the size, choosing an inverter with the right wave form is also important. In addition to the size, choosing an inverter with the right wave form is also important.

A "true sine wave" form means that the inverter can generate an electrical waveform in the same shape as the grid generally provides, which the equipment (or load) was built to use. Some loads will not run or won't run as well if the electricity is not a true sine wave. Those include power-laser printers, variable speed motors, and digital clocks. Some smaller and lesser cost inverters produce a "modified sine" waveform. Some loads work fine with the modified sine inverters. They are especially handy for small, mobile, temporary use. 

Small Inverters

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