Enphase ShortageHere at SolarPanelStore.com we run into industry wide equipment shortages now and then, which we know is a pain for our team and our customers unfortunately. Sometimes it's just a simple component that will halt production of something, such as the Enphase IQ7 series microinverters as of late. 

Shortages of these microinverters came from the lack of 600V transistors available to Enphase. Although we do our best to be ready for these shortages and keep plenty of stock on hand, we have sold out of our Enpahse IQ series stock. We can supply other brands of micro-inverters though, or go over other inverter system alternatives which may work even better for our customers.

One of our favorite types of systems that work similarly to Enphase micro inverters are optimized string inverter systems using SolarEdge inverters along with SolarEdge module optimizers. Nearly all of the flexibility and performance features found in a solar panel installation using micro inverters can be utilized with these Inverter/Optimizer systems, and most often at a lower or similar cost.

Currently, we are't exactly sure when the Enphase IQ Micro-Inverters will be back in stock, hopefully just a month or so, but it's difficult to say right now. In the mean time, we are keeping busy with alternative system designs for a lot of customers eager to get their grid-tie projects started or finished.

Contact our sales team and they will be more than happy to source great equipment for your job, even if it's not quite what you had in mind going into the project! Our many years of experience means we wont just give up due to a parts shortage, we will provide an excellent system for you regardless!