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Module Versatility - 72 Cell Solar Panels

Here at we love versatility, which is why 72 cell solar panels are among our most popular products. In particular, a recent favorite of our team and our customers has been the Peimar SG325P 72 cell solar panel. This is a 325 Watt polycrystalline solar panel. These Italian-made solar panels are of the highest quality, low in cost, and can be used in just about every application that a solar panel can be used for! Let’s take a quick look at a few examples of how they can be used.

Commercial / Utility Scale Projects
Commercial and utility scale projects are high priority applications for 72 cell solar panels and Peimar actually lists the SG325P panels in their Commercial Line of products. Their low cost per watt, 1000 V Maximum System voltage and standard size and cell configuration make them a perfect fit for big power generation and outstanding equipment compatibility.

Home Grid Tie / Utility Interactive Systems
Using the same solar panel designed for huge commercial or industrial systems in a residential grid-tied system may seem—well wrong.  But in fact, the the same benefits that apply to the commercial projects cross over to most home systems, especially if the systems are ground-mounted, or roof space limitations are not a major factor for the system size. 72 cell solar panels are typically not as “efficient” as many 60 cell solar panels which are most commonly used in home grid-tie installations, but efficiency only relates to power per square foot, not module performance.  This is a common source of confusion for solar panel consumers. So if space isn’t a constraint, and the array generates the total watts you need, we’ll always recommend these lower cost-per-watt panels even with a slightly lower efficiency rating.  Increasing your system’s ROI matters far more than panel efficiency.

Off-Grid Applications
Off-grid battery charging systems--whether remote industrial sites, tiny home or cabin power systems, or even RV applications--are great applications for these Peimar SG325P 72 cell solar panels. It might seem strange, but they work beautifully for off-grid because a 72 cell solar panel has a nominal 24 volt rating.  (Pro Tip: Divide a solar panel’s number of cells by 3 for it's nominal battery charging voltage rating. This applies to poly or mono crystalline solar panels with standard configurations like 36, 60, and 72 cell panels.) Nearly all off-grid systems will have nominal voltage of 12V, 24V, or 48V.  In 12V systems, the panel’s voltage does need to be stepped down with an MPPT charge controller.  The MPPT controllers are also more efficient, but are more expensive than a standard PWM controller.  On the other hand, the cost per watt of a 72 cell solar panel like the Peimar SG325P is usually cheaper than most 36 cell (12V nominal) panels—which can make the overall off-grid system cheaper than using 12V panels.

At we have a ton of experience with all of these types of systems and are eager to help our customers find solutions that often exceed their expectations, so please don't hesitate to give us a call with any questions or quotes for systems that you are working on or researching!