GT-SB 9.0kW Grid Tie Sunny Boy Solar Package

GT-SB 9.0kW Grid Tie Sunny Boy Solar Package

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The Package. The GT-SB 9.0 is a 9,000 W (9.0 kilowatt) grid-tie solar package featuring 2 x SMA Sunny Boy 5.0 inverters and high-quality Italian-made 60 cell Peimar 300W solar panels. SnapNrack mounting components for a comp shingle roof are included, for a 3H10W Portrait layout (contact us for custom racking layouts). Why did we pick 9.0kW for a Sunny Boy GT-SB system? 9.0kW would be a good system for a larger house, or somewhere between 70-130% of an average American household's daily energy use (depending on how many average peak sun hours you have in your location).

Sunny Boy. This package includes two of SMA's Sunny Boy 5.0. Grid-Tied Inverters that efficiently and cost-effectively invert the array's DC energy to AC for house or grid.

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