Off Grid Solar Systems

Off Grid Solar Systems Before Grid-Tie systems became popular, got its start in the solar business with battery-based, "Off-Grid" or "Stand Alone" solar electric systems. And today Off-Grid systems are a mainstay of our business. An Off-Grid system is a solar PV system that is separated from the utility grid and includes energy storage (batteries).

Unlike a Grid-Tie system that essentially uses the electric utility grid as a "backup" for energy demand at night or when demand exceeds solar production, an Off-Grid system must be sized to meet all of the energy demand, plus a reserve for rainy/snowy days. Special battery-based inverters and charge controllers are required to charge batteries and manage energy flow from solar panels to/from batteries and loads. The kits below cover small to medium size applications like small remote cabins to year-round homes.

We stock the latest battery-based inverters, charge controllers, batteries and more that you need.

Thanks to the 2016 renewal, all types of residential solar systems qualify for the significant Federal income tax credit. Depending on your location, other state, local and utility incentives may also be available. These incentives make today a great time to invest in a solar system! Please consult your tax advisor for more information.

Click on links below for details about our medium sized off-grid solar packages. Systems can be ordered without batteries, or with different racks, or with different modules. Call for details on these off-grid solar packages.

Picture shows 240V Outback half rack inverter panel prewired.
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