Off-Grid System OG 1.08 1080W

Off-Grid System OG 1.08 1080W

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    Manufacturer Part#: OG 1.08
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This 1080W 24V Off-Grid system is designed to run both 120/240VAC loads with a peak continuous load of 4000W. Four Peimar 270 W solar panels are mounted on an adjustable top of pole mount. The Magnum 4024PAE inverter is bundled with Magnums MMP pre-wired mini-panel, which can significantly save installation time. batteries are not included. See below for 24V battery bank recommendations.

System Features:

  • Ability to power 120VAC and 240VAC loads.
  • Adjustable mount for seasonal tilt changes.
  • Pre-Wired Magnum Mini Panel
  • Generators are usually easily incorporated into the system with a Magnum AGS (not included)
  • 4.32kW Daily Solar Production (based on 4 hours)

    24V Battery Bank Recomendations:
  • QTY: 4 L16 Type Batteries = 8.88 kWh Stored Capacity, 5.32 kWh Usable Power
  • QTY: 8 GC2 Type Batteries = 10.75 kWh Stored Capacity, 6.45 kWh Usable Power
  • QTY: 8 L16 Type Batteries = 17.76 kWh Stored Capacity, 10.65 kWh Usable Power

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