OG 3.12 Off Grid 3120W 48V Solar Package

OG 3.12 Off Grid 3120W 48V Solar Package

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The OG-3.12 Package is an off-grid system with 3120W of solar power. Twelve 260W solar panels from Canadian Solar are mounted on an adjustable tilt rack by PowerFab designed for ground mounting. The 3600W inverter equipment by OutBack is pre-wired for a simplified and clean installation.Charge controller mounting, charge controller breaker and GFDI's are not pre-wired.

Typical system lead time to delivery is 4-6 weeks. Additional information for each item included with this package can be found by clicking the blue parts links below.

OG-3.0 Package Features:

  • Solar capable of charging up to 19kWh/Day, 12kWh/Day Typical, 9kWh/Day winter.
  • Over 10.5kWh usable stored power.
  • Can handle up to 3.6kW continuous combined AC loads.
  • Compatible with many generators.
  • OutBack inverters pre-wired with Midnite components and factory tested.
  • Adjustable tilt ground mount is great for seasonal angle changes and easy snow/dirt removal from solar modules.
  • Qualifies for 30% Federal Personal Tax Credit
  • Ships with installation documents and product guides.

    Note: Batteries for required 48V battery bank and battery/inverter cables are not included with this package, see below for recommendations.

    48V Battery Bank Recommendations:
  • QTY: 16 L16 Type 6V Batteries - This will provide around 35kWh of stored power, 21kWh usable stored power.
  • QTY: 8 L16 Type 6V Batteries - This will provide around 17kWh of stored power, 10.5kWh usable stored power.
  • QTY:8 GC2 Type 6V Batteries - This will provide around 10kWh stored power, 6kWh usable stored power.
  • QTY: 4 G31 Type 12V Batteries - This will provide around 5kWh stored power, 3kWh usable stored power.

  • Package component's are subject to change.

    Replacement items will be of a similar or improved specification.