RV and Marine Systems

RV and Marine Systems Don't you hate firing up a noisy generator or engine to enjoy a some lighting or other appliances while at your favorite backcountry campsite or tranquil bay? Say hello to quiet, clean solar-powered convenience with our sweet RV solar panel kits and marine solar panels! We've taken some of the guess work out of going solar with these kits. While each is unique, they do all comprise a complete 12 volt solar charger package that includes 1-2 solar panels, a mounting kit, a charge controller, and wire. These marine and RV solar systems come ready to install!
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Go Power Solar Flex GP-FLEX-30 30W 12V Solar Kit
Regular Price $ 495.00
ONLY $395.99
Go Power Solar Flex GP-FLEX-100 100W 12V Solar Kit
Regular Price $ 805.00
ONLY $643.99
Go Power Solar Flex GP-FLEX-200 200W 12V Solar Kit
Regular Price $ 1,265.00
ONLY $1,011.99
Go Power Solar Flex GP-FLEX-100E Expansion Kit
Regular Price $ 725.00
ONLY $579.99
GoPower Overlander Kit GP-RV-170
Regular Price $ 880.00
ONLY $703.99
GoPower Weekender Kit 170W
Regular Price $ 2,055.00
ONLY $1,643.99
Go Power Solar Elite Kit 340W
Regular Price $ 3,380.00
ONLY $2,703.99
GoPower Solar Extreme Kit 510W
Regular Price $ 4,600.00
ONLY $3,679.99
Go Power 7-Pin Trailer Adapter
Regular Price $ 30.00
ONLY $20.99