Go Power Solar Flex GP-FLEX-100 100W 12V Solar Kit

Go Power Solar Flex GP-FLEX-100 100W 12V Solar Kit

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100W 12V Solar Flex Kit from Go Power!

The Go Power! Solar Flex panels are aerodynamic and DURABLE - a virtually unbreakable solar battery charger for RVs, boats and long-haul trucks. These Go Power GP-FLEX-100 panels are designed to provide a powerful charging solution for batteries and conform to almost any surface. Unlike other "flexible" products, Go Power Solar Flex uses high-efficiency monocrystalline cells that produce more power per square foot than any other flexible panel on the market.

An impermeable lamination coats the entire module, allowing it to contour and flex against curved areas, eliminating any need for custom mounts. The 100W solar panel kit can be affixed by adhesive or screw mounting options and grommets are an added bonus for ease-of-installation. The thin, lightweight module can also be sewn into canvas, making it a truly versatile solar module.

Features of the Go Power GP-FLEX-100

  • Curves up to 30 degrees
  • 82 % lighter than other solar modules
  • Durable surface is less than 1/8" / 3mm thick
  • Kits includes PWM Solar Controller
  • Flexible, high-efficiency back-contact cells
  • Penetrating or adhesive mounting options
  • Marine grade material
  • Conforms to almost any surface

  • GP-FLEX-100 Parts List:

  • Ring Terminal Battery Connector (2)
  • 50’ MC4 Cable with Male and Female MC4 Connectors (1)
  • Tie Wrap (6)
  • #10 x 1” Wood Screws (6)
  • #10 x 1.5” Machine Screws (6)
  • #10 Well Nuts (6)
  • #10 Lock Washers (6)
  • #10 Flat Washers (6)
  • 3/8” Plastic Cable Clamps (6)
  • #8 Screws for Cable Clamps (6)
  • Fuse Holder Inline with 30A Fuse (1)
  • 100W Solar Flex Module (1)
  • GP-PWM-30 Controller (1)