RV Solar Panel Kit - 160W 12V Charging System Tilt

RV Solar Panel Kit - 160W 12V Charging System Tilt

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Great Kit. Great price on a 160 W RV Solar Kit designed to charge one or two 12 volt battery banks. Great size for a weekend of average RV off-grid fun!

Included. This kit includes (i) a premium quality Carmannah 160 W 12 V mono solar panel, (ii) a Morningstar SunSaver Duo charge controller which includes a remote meter to monitor battery charge and solar status, (iii) an adjustable tilt SolarLand mounting bracket that goes from flat to 45 degree tilt to get maximum solar utilization, (iv) inline fuse holders and fuses for the charge controller, (v) 35 Ft 10-2 Tray Cable with cord grip; AND (vi) the GoPower entry plate kit that makes for a super convenient and clean cable entry through the RV roof.

Not Included. 6 x #12 or #10 stainless steel panhead screws and sealant to secure and seal cable entry plate kit. Click here to see our recommended adhesive.

Additional Info. A four-hour solar charge is approx: 640 Wh. The charge controller is designed specifically for RV applications, includes remote digital meter and has ability to charge two separate battery banks. Also, it has a rating of 25 A, so another panel could easily be added in the future. To see additional details, including spec sheets, for each product click the blue product link below.

  • Carmanah CTI-160 160W 12V

    We love these panels! The totally awesome CTI-160 Solar Module from Carmanah is a 160W 12V high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar module that provides outstanding performance and cost-effective solar power for high-end off-grid and mobile applications.

    Quantity included: 1
  • Tilt Mount Bracket Kit for 50W-160W  SLB-0103

    This solar panel tilt mount bracket kit is manufactured by Solarland.

    Quantity included: 1
  • 25 ft MC4 NEG Extension

    This is a 25 ft extension wire with a single MC4 female adapter.

    Quantity included: 1
  • 25 ft MC4 POS Extension

    This is a 25 ft extension wire with a single MC4 male adapter.

    Quantity included: 1
  • Go Power Cable Entry Kit  GP-CEP

    MAKING RV SOLAR INSTALLATION EASIER With the Cable Entry Plate model GP-CEP, installation is cleaner and more flexible.

    Quantity included: 1
  • MorningStar SunSaver Duo w Remote Meter SSD-25RM

    Morningstar's SunSaver Duo is an advanced PWM two battery controller for RV's, caravans, boats and cottages.

    Quantity included: 1
  • 6-2 Tray Cable per foot

    6 AWG (#6) 2 Conductor, Sunlight Resistant cable.

    Quantity included: 15
  • Inline ATC Fuse Holder 10AWG

    The waterproof cover makes this ATC inline fuse holder an excellent choice to fuse a single circuit, indoors or out.

    Quantity included: 2
  • ATC Fuse 30A

    30A ATC blade-type fuse to be used with the inline ATC fuse holder (see related parts to the right).

    Quantity included: 2
  • Tray cable grip

    This waterproof strain relief fitting is used to grip tray cable or any flat cable.

    Quantity included: 1

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