Colorado Solar Tiny House Solar Kit 810W

Colorado Solar Tiny House Solar Kit 810W

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    Manufacturer Part#: TH-810W
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TH-810W. Our new entry-level Tiny House Off-Grid Solar System kit is here! This system is designed to mount 3 of our Italian-made Peimar 270W panels on your Tiny House roof using simple-to-install SnapNRack racking.

At 5 peak sun hours/day, this system will push out around 4050 watt hours of DC power per day! This kit is perfect for the minimalist or new tiny house buyer. Going off the grid in your new tiny house couldn't be any easier.

TH-810 Package Features:

  • Capable of pushing 4.05kWh of power at max for 5 peak sun hours.
  • 2kWh of inverting power
  • MPPT Tracking (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
  • Pure Sine-Wave AC Power
  • Inverter is Hard Wire capable

    Kit Contents:
  • (3) Peimar 270W Poly Solar Panel
  • (1) Midnite Kid 30A MPPT Soalr Charge Controller
  • (1) Samlex PST-2000-24 2kW 24V Inverter/Charger
  • (1) SnapNrack 122" Standard Rail Clear (2pc)
  • (4) SnapNrack Bonding Mid Clamp 1.31-1.77" Clear
  • (4) SnapNrack Universal End Clamp
  • (4) SnapNrack Black Rail End Cap
  • (6) SnapNrack Bonding Metal Roof Base w/L-Foot
  • (1) SnapNRack Ground Lug 6-12AWG
  • (1) Midnite Baby Box
  • (1) 50A DC Breaker
  • (1) 15A DC Breaker
  • (1) 100' MC-4 Cable Extension
  • (15) 10-2 Tray-Cable per foot

    Batteries not included in this kit. See below for battery options.
  • QTY: 4 GC12 Type 6V FLA batteries. This will provide around 2.52kWh of stored power, 1.26kWh of usable power.
  • QTY: 4 GC2 Type 6V FLA batteries. This will provide around 5.4kWh of stored power, 2.7kWh of usable power. *can be switched to AGM if needed)
  • Qty: 4 GC2 Tall type 6V AGM batteries. This will provide around 7.32kWh of stored power, 3.66kWh of usable power.

    *Ideally, battery capacity should not drop below 50%. This will increase the number of battery cycles, extending battery bank lifetime.