Sprinter Van Solar Kit 300W

Colorado Solar Sprinter Van Solar Kit 300W

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    Manufacturer Part#: SPR-300
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Great match! We can't think of a better match than Solar and a Sprinter Van (or alternate makes--Ford, etc--of course!). Go where you want to go and have convenient off-grid electric power to power what you need, when you need it!

SPR-300 Package Features:

  • 300W System - capable of generating 1.5kWh of power (assuming 5 peak sun hours/day).
  • 2kWh of inverting power
  • MPPT 30A Solar Charge Controller
  • Pure Sine-Wave AC Power
  • Hard wire capable 2000W Inverter

    Kit Contents:
  • (1) Peimar 300W Solar Panel (or equivalent)
  • (1) MidNite Kid 30A Solar Charge Controller (or equivalent)
  • (1) Samlex PST-2000-12 2kW 12V Pure Sine Inverter
  • (1) Sikaflex 715 Sealant
  • (1) MidNite Baby Box
  • (1) MNEPV 30A PV breaker
  • (1) MNEPV 15A PV breaker
  • (1) GoPower! Cable Entry Kit
  • (1) 25ft MC-4 NEG Extension Cable
  • (1) 25ft MC-4 POS Extension Cable
  • (1) SLB-0115 Solar Mounting Kit

    Options. We work with lots of Sprinter customers and each one of our kits may be tweaked a bit to cover individual needs.

    Batteries not included in this kit. See below for battery options.
  • QTY: 2 AGM 6V battery. This will provide around 2.68kWh of stored power, 1.34kWh of usable power.
  • QTY: 1 Group 8D AGM 12V battery. This will provide around 2.5kWh of stored power, 1.26kWh of usable power.
    *Ideally, battery capacity should not drop below 50%. This will increase the number of battery cycles, extending battery bank lifetime.

    *Note: Image may not show all or exact components included.