Deka GC15 6V 230 Ah Flooded Deep Cycle Battery

Deka GC15 6V 230 Ah Flooded Deep Cycle Battery

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The Battery. The Deka Pro Master GC15 is an excellent golf-cart-style deep cycle battery that is perfect for solar battery banks. In addition to being a quality battery under the Deka brand, the GC15 is also a reasonably-priced 6 volt flooded lead-acid battery that puts out 230 amp hours at the standard C/20 discharge rate.

Technology The Deka GC15 uses the latest technology from East Penn to deliver top performance for your battery-based solar system. Described in greater detail in the datasheet linked below, the GC15 incorporates high density plates and reinforced grid technology to help the battery withstand repeated continual deep cycling, as well as Deka's Power Boot Technology to optimize electrical current paths to maximize performance.

    Additional Info:
  • Type: GC2
  • 230AH @ 20HR
  • 6V
  • LxWxH = 10.25 x 7.13 x 10.88 in
  • 64LBS