Solar-One SO-6-85-17

Solar-One SO-6-85-17

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    Manufacturer Part#: SO-6-85-17/12
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Solar-One batteries patented design offers the longest warranty in the Renewable Energy industry (7 year free replacement + 3 year prorated). These batteries ensure that you receive more deep cycles, over its longer life, and a higher capacity for sustained performance during each cycle.

Solar-One uses a casting process which results in a stronger, thicker positive grid that is less susceptible to corrosion. The positive grid is the heaviest in the industry and allows for the maximum amount of active material in each plate.

For additional information, please see the brochure and specsheet below. Solar-One batteries by nature are very heavy and present special issues for the Renewable Energy installer. These batteries are designed with an epoxy coated steel case that allow each 2 volt cell to be removed when setting the battery into place. Oversize lead terminals are welded to the battery posts allowing the use of lead coated solid copper buss bars as the cell interconnects. Because the lead terminals are so large and heavy duty, they provide outstanding conductivity and a strong connection point for the cell lifting strap. All these features mean fast and easy on-site assembly, great energy transfer, and the ability to remove and replace individual 2 volt cells.

Check out the PDF Diagram below for 24 & 48 volt configurations. We can supply any SolarOne battery, contact us for additional information.

Shipping Note: Free Shipping in the lower 48 states to a commercial location with a dock and forklift, or you may pick up your battery at your local freight terminal.

  • Estimated life 2100 80%-deep cycles
  • Estimated life 4000 50%-cycles
  • 10 year warranty, 7 year free replacement + 3 year prorated
  • Epoxy coated steel case allowing each cell to be removed individually
  • Feature Flip Top filler caps
  • Extra large cell terminals
  • Large case openings for easy cable connections
  • Available in 8 sizes to meet your needs
Model SO-6-85-17/12 Voltage: 12 Volt
Rated A/H (20hr) 845Ah Usable A/H 80% (20hr) 676Ah
Rated Watt/hrs (20 hr) 10,140 Usable Watt/hrs (20hr) 8,112 Ah
Min. Charging System 68 Amps Max. Charging System 136 Amps
Dimensions: 40L x 7.75W x 25H Weight: 742 Lbs.