Trojan L16RE 2V 1110AH

Trojan L16RE 2V 1110AH

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With over 80 years of experience, Trojan Battery - the most trusted name in deep cycle technology - has made the industry's best performing batteries even better. Trojan's Renewable Energy (RE) Series (L16RE-2V, L16RE-A, L16RE-B and the new T105-RE) is a line of technologically-advanced lead acid deep cycle batteries, optimized for renewable energy applications such as solar/photovoltaic, small wind, and micro hydro. The L-16RE-B is the standard 6V high capacity version.

Best-in-Class Limited Warranty for RE Series:
Battery Type Free Replacement 24 (months)
Pro-rated 60 (months)
The Premium line (L16RE-2V, T105-RE, L16RE-A, L16RE-B) have a slightly lower recommended absorption-regulation charge phase voltage setting range: 2.35V to 2.45V per cell. The recommended float charge phase voltage setting is 2.20V per cell. The recommended equalization charge phase is 2.58V per cell. Standard temperature compensation applies.


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