Enphase Q Cable Landscape 60 cell

Enphase Q Cable Landscape 60 cell

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    Manufacturer Part#: Q-12-17-240
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IQ. Introducing the new Enphase Q Cable made specifically for the IQ family of microinverters!

Landscape. This Q Cable is for 60 cell PV modules in landscape orientation with connectors spaced 2.0 m (or 6.5 ft) apart. These are custom cuts from bulk cable rolls with 240 connectors per roll max.

Features. The Enphase Q Cable is a two-wire, double-insulated cable that's 50% lighter than the previous generation Engage cable. The Q Cable also boasts new cable numbering and "plug & play" connectors to simplify wire management and help speed up installation. This cable is rated to 600VAC (with the connectors rated to 250VAC), 194 degrees F, UL3003, DG cable, insulation THHN/THWN-2 dry/wet.

Spacing. Plan on using one Enphase branch Terminator Cap per circuit (up to 13 IQ6+ microinverters per 20A 240VAC branch circuit).

Sold Per Connector section (For example: QTY 1 cable = 1 x 10" Cable-Connector per 77" Cable) For additional information, see the spec sheet linked below.