Enphase IQ6 Microinverter 195-330W 60 cell

Enphase IQ6 Microinverter 195-330W 60 cell

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IQ6. Introducing the newest model within Enphase's IQ microinverter family--the IQ6! Enphase designed and built the IQ6 (IQ6Plus--designed for up to 72 cell modules), with the goal of delivering the highest efficiency and reducing the cost per watt.

Seamless. That efficiency comes to life with the seamless integration IQ6 has with the rest of the Enphase IQ Family. From the new quick and easy "Q" components like the "Q Cable", the new IQ Envoy, and the redesigned Enphase AC combiner box with IQ Envoy (see our Enphase accessories below), and of course, Enphase's Enlighten monitoring and analysis software platform. The IQ6 is also designed to work ever so nicely with the upcoming Enphase IQ AC Battery system.

Smart. The IQ6 is built to be smart-grid ready! As our aging electricity utility grid is pushed harder and further to deliver electricity against increasing demand, the US Department of Energy is working to implement more and more communications and technology to make the grid smarter and more efficient for all. The IQ6 supports those goals through remote update and data monitoring functionality via the Enphase Enlighten platform, and its configurability to varying local grid protocols like those in Hawaii and California.

    Additional Features:

  • compatible with 195-330W modules
  • compatible with 60 cell modules
  • max continuous power output - 230VAC
  • 97% CEC weighted efficiency at 240V
  • MC4 or H4 connectable
  • 3.3 lbs each