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Fronius Accessories Browse Fronius accessories here. Remote data communications, data logging features, and other power inverter accessories can easily be added to transform your Fronius IG inverter into a sophisticated data acquisition system. All data viewable on the Fronius IG inverter display can also be viewed on your PC. Data can be downloaded real time, or cumulative for the day, the year, or since installation. Comparison of data from different days, different inverters, and many other possibilities exist.

The Fronius IG data acquisition system consists of a COM card installed in the inverter communicating data via RS485 cable to the Datalogger Box (or Datalogger card). An optional Sensor Box interfaces irradiance, wind and temperature data and communicates to the Datalogger box also by RS485. Information from the power inverter accessories and sensors is fed to your PC through the Datalogger Box for your analysis.
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Fronius Rapid Shutdown Box for Galvo and Primo
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