Midnite Classic 150

Midnite Classic 150

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A Classic. The MidNite Classic 150 is a sophisticated solar, wind, or hydro MPPT charge controller designed for up to 150 DC volts input, 96 amps output, and will support nominal battery system voltages up to 72V.

Features. The Classic 150 offers an impressive set of features including free wireless data monitoring, built-in DC ground fault protection and arc fault detector, and distinct solar, wind and hydro operating modes. Also ships with MidNIte's battery temperature sensor (the WhizBang Jr. current sensor module is sold separately). For more detail on MidNite Classic 150 features, please see the additional documents below.

HyperVOC One particularly unique feature of MidNite Classics is HyperVOC. HyperVOC allows Classic charge controllers to extend their maximum open circuit voltage (Voc) limit when needed. For example, the Classic 150 has an input voltage rating of 150 Voc. If the Classic 150 is connected to a 48 volt battery bank, the HyperVOC voltage limit will be: 150V + 48V a total of 198 Volts that the Classic can manage. Why is this helpful? Because a system's voltage could creep past the normal Voc limit on a really cold morning. See this Midnite document explaining HyperVOC here.

Warranty. The Classic 150 comes with a standard 5 year warranty against defects, during which time MidNite Solar will repair or replace the Classic at no charge to the consumer during this 5 year period. In addition, MidNite Solar continues to offer their pioneering extended warranty. Customers can ship their Classic 150 to MidNite during the final 6 month period of the standard 5 year warranty together with a check for $147 and MidNite will replace any wearable items and perform a general tune-up. This will also extend the Classic 150's warranty by 2 additional years. Click here to see the latest info on the Classic 150 warranty.

Model: Classic150
Operating volts in: 150VDC
Max HyperVOC: 150+battery
Bat charge V: 12-93
Max current out: 96 amps
Environment: -40 - 40C
Dimensions of Classic: 14.87" x 5.95" x 4.00"
Dimensions boxed:19.0" x 8.5" x 5.7"

Classic 150 70 Vmp 90 Vmp 100 Vmp 110 Vmp 120 Vmp
12V Battery N/A 96A/1380W 92A/1325W 93A/1340W 92A/1325W
24V Battery N/A 94A/2700W 91A/2611W 84A/2410W 82A/2353W
48V Battery 86A/5022W 83A/5022W 80A/4672W 76A/4438W 76A/4438W